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Ali Khundmiri

| Electrical Engineer |
| Mobile Apps & Web Developer|


Hello there! I am Ali.
Though I specialised in Electricals And Electronics, I am mostly interested in Web and Mobile Apps development.

I have worked on a few projects by now, all of those can be see on the page All Projects

About Me

I graduated as an Engineer in 2016.
I am interested in taking projects which fall under the umbrella of my skill and Interest.
I am certainly Not GIVING UP on my hobbies and interests.

I believe in learning through making mistakes, others or mine.
I have spend past few months since graduation on development of self esteem, confidence and figuring out the path I must choose to be just in making the correct decisions.

My Specialties

Mostly self taught, I have acquired certain skill set by working on a variety of projects in past few years,

In Past, I have worked on

  • C for Arduino Live hacks, and college final year project
  • Java for Android Apps developement
  • Objective C for iOS Apps developement
    Yes, I know its prehistoric language now
  • HTML & CSS for casual and simple website
  • Python for fun, web scrapping and Django Framework

My Resume


My Blogs

I love learning new things, and like any other human, I tend to forget it if I don't practice it or keep a note of it. So I have decided to commit my self to blog every thing I learn. You can check out my blog archive over here and my latest blogs here.

The domain of the material I will be writing will be broad as well as precise to my likes. If I like some thing, I blog it.

  • Movie Reviews
  • Django web development.
  • Python Scripts and simple tricks.
  • Science of Life.
  • Exploring science of Movies universe.
  • Interesting videos found online.
  • ...and many more.