Educating The Youth

Posted by : Ali Khundmiri Last Updated : June 12, 2017, 8:47 p.m.


Every student has his own abilities and weakness. Its the duty of the educators to identify the students and guide them individually in a path which is suitable for them.
It is well known that a teacher in school is well under paid for the intensity of the work they are expected from society and parents. To add more to the trouble of a teacher they have to attend meeting with parents, face heavy load of paperwork such as paper correction, report submission with student assessment.

The Problem:
Between all this there is a probability for any task to go wrong. In the foreseeable future some of the thing are expected to be automated for the betterment of teachers, while also increasing the fields a student can explore.

Report submission and Student assessment:
When the data of entire class is cramped in a bunch of graphs and tables it makes it easy for any person to analyse the class as a whole, making it that much simpler to jot down a report to submit to higher officials. Although with the advancement of computer software, it would be much easier for teachers to assess class.

Attending Parent-Teacher Meetings:
In the current traditions of school, every parent is called on a single day to meet with the teachers. This is usually after the exams are conducted. But this leaves a huge gap between two consecutive meetings.
Each Teacher must be allowed to call upon 5-10 parents every single fixed day of the week. Making it regular for parents and teachers to meet each other and discuss the performance of students. This will make the process more transparent.

One can provide each student with a computer or a tablet, to access their progression, but this is applicable only if the educational society is wealthy enough to provide such tools. But with merely a 7% hike in 2017 Budget, it seems unlikely to provide a tablet to each individual student. Jugaad ke Guzarish.

Now it will be easy to assess a student individually, but in the practical world, there are about 30-50 students in a class. A single (or maybe 2) teacher assigned to class simply cannot do justice to every student. This calls for a system to identify everyone equally yet together.

I propose an online platform which will enable collection of data from each students and showing the results in a well understandable manner with the help of Graphs and Table and bulletin points.
This platform will help with:
-Keeping all the data of students performance in one place.
-Connect teachers in every city.
-Connect teachers with all of their students’ parents.
-Connect Parents with all their children’s Teachers.
-Leave gap for further development on to the project with feedback from
Implementing such system will not only help students explore many fields of education, but also eliminate a huge burden from teachers. The result will be a better and healthy environment in schools and providing students with correct assessment.

Yes not all the educational societies will be able to follow these steps. But with implementing these ideas with a few school and proving with improved results, every sane government will increase expenditure in education to implement the idea.