Getting Started with Python, Like a Pro!.

Posted by : Ali Khundmiri Last Updated : July 27, 2017, 10:55 p.m.

So you just heard about python and how awesome it is, and now you want to learn more about it. Great!. I remember when i started learning python, I was very excited too, I felt like i could do anything just by writing a few lines of codes.

Here I will take you on a Tour-of-Internet, and show you people who helped me learn python,

Where to Start.

General Knowledge Build Up.
Well Lets start small and Friendly. These Tutorials that i am listing below will help you gain a firm footing

Bucky Robert’s thenewboston

Have you heard his name before? Well he is an engineer who has tutorial in more than 4000 videos.

Bucky is friendly and best-friend–teacher who will tell you stories in the middle of explanation, which has nothing to do with the project itself, but you will listen to him because he is so interesting to listen to.
These are just a few of his videos, do check out his entire channel, maybe you will find something interesting.

Chris Hawke’s tutorials

Chris is person who prefer learning with us rather than learning before hand and explaining on camera. His methods are the best according to me as it shows that everyone makes mistakes while learning and, not everyone has to memorise the entire code base to be a good programmer.
Do check him out.

I would recommend you to be invested in their videos and do everything they are doing for at least a month. Don't understand anything? Ask them In comment on the video, they usually respond with in a week. If you find them unreachable, you can comment on this blog post as well.

Now lets Step up a bit.

Web Development

After you have a basic idea of how to work your way while using python, you can move on with Web development. It is here where you can showcase your passion to the world by making cool and innovative websites.
When you are trying to get into website development i am sure you will have quite a lot of questions in your mind. And its ok to have any questions and doubts. For instance, when i was starting with web development, I had these doubts.

  • why should i use programming to make websites, when i can use wordpress or Wix.

  • Should i use Django or Flask?

  • Do I Need to be advanced level programmer to maintain these websites?

Instead of finding answers, I decided on focusing myself to learn new skills, and as times passed, I found my answers.

  • I Make my website using code, because I would rather be a Chef who makes his own dishes, instead of a cook who is assistant to Chef, and is not having his own creativity.

  • Django, because it is up-to-point and is better understandable for new learners.

  • No!!!! You do not need to be an Advanced Level Programmer to maintain websites.

Mitchell from Coding for entrepreneurs

Simplest explanation of all versions of Django. He is an entrepreneur himself, so he knows what to offer. Do check his blog development playlist.

Sendex from Python Programming Tutorials

Sendex's tutorials are from a different perspective, He always tries to explain a certain concept in the simplest of the way possible. you will really enjoy his his tutorials of you like a person who geeks out about programming

Bucky Robert’s thenewboston

Yes, thats right, Bucks also has a tutorials on how to make a website.

Alright, now on to what the market really wants from developers in 2017!

Machine Learning!!

Siraj Raval

Siraj is a brilliant personality, He can teach anyone anything. His interest is in python programming and he does everything he likes with python. He is quite popular amongst his followers on social media for his frequent live coding videos where he tries to build a real life application such as song lyrics writer or image classifier.

He is also known to award people with “Wizard of the week” where he challenge people to code a program using the same system used in the video, and submit to him on github. And Man do people work on the projects.

If you want to learn cool and awesome machine learning programs, he is the guy.

Sendex from Python Programming Tutorials

This man is a genius. He is currently working on a self driving algorithm work on GTA 5. I am not kidding you. He has a different computer setup only to work on the algorithm, It learn by its previous mistakes and improve it self.
You check out his live stream of “Charles” on twitch. sentdex - Twitch
here are rest of his tutorials.


When You get Stuck

Bipolar-learning-curve explained

You see that Valley in the graph? You are there after this point. You may feel exhausted and that you cant make it. The truth it, you are just tired for the day.
Here's what I suggest you of when you feel stuck.

  • close your computer

  • keep your phone aside

  • start doodling on a piece of paper what you would like to make in the future.

  • you feel you want to make a website? start doodling the UI, How you will manage data, etc,. etc.

  • you want to make a software? start doodling.

  • Get your mind off everything.

  • sleep for a solid 4-5 hours in the night.

Next morning you are sure to be filled with the same enthusiasm as you had when you first learned what python could do, what you could do!.

I am NOT Sponsored/paid from any of these people/website mentioned in this blog not i am associated to any of these people. I do NOT own any videos these link leads to.. This is Solely to give them back something. These people are teaching for free on Youtube, mostly relying on Revenue based on youtube ads, or through their own website traffic.. This is my way to giving them back.