Tubelight of a Little Boy?

Posted by : Ali Khundmiri Last Updated : May 16, 2017, 5:41 p.m.

“Tubelight ka Trailer dekha kya? Bhai mast hai na?”
-bhai fans

So all of us have seen the trailer for next movie from Salman Khan? Well as of 14th may, the official trailer[1]has about north of 18 million views. Youtube viewers never disappoints us in giving a fun and mixed reaction in the comment section. Tubelight trailer doesn’t shy away from this fact. The reaction on the video comments are of three types.

Type 1 : Die hard Salman Khan fans waiting patiently for the movie to hit the screen.

Type 2 : Die hard Salman Khan haters expecting another “disaster” from Bhai.

Type 3 : People who realised the movie is a ripoff.

I am a type 3 guy.

Now that I think about it, “ripoff” seems like an over exaggeration. lets tone it down to “Inspired”.

If you can spot it, this movie is inspired from 2015 drama Little Boy, in which a little boy is the protagonist (duh!). In tubelight, this role seems to be played by Bhai.

Watching the trailers side by side, one can see the similarities between both motion picture, some of which I can list here,

Both try to emphasis on Faith, “faith can move a mountain”.
Both has a focus on being Patriotic towards their country.
Loved one goes to war, protagonist try to bring them back…
You get the picture. So shall we label the movie as a Hollywood ripoff? I think otherwise.


Yes movie looks like its copied from Hollywood. But calm down and just wait till the movie is released.

After ignoring the fact that this movie will be filled with songs and dances and catchy one liners, this movie (like almost all of Bhai’s previous movies) will have a message hidden in plain sight, and thats whats important in Bollywood cinema today (right after box office collection).

But I have a question for you guys who have seen the trailer, do you think this movie will be first Salman Khan Movie to be in 1000 crore club?

[1] Tubelight | Official Teaser | Salman Khan | Kabir Khan