Youtube, The class of 21st century.

Posted by : Ali Khundmiri Last Updated : June 12, 2017, 9:41 p.m.

For past few years youtube has become one of the most visited website on the internet along side with Facebook and google. Now Granted that youtube was originally invented to quench thirst of a certain Javed Kareem for wardrobe malfunction function of Janet Jackson, it has become much than that.

Janet Jackson's right. The reason for the existence of youtube

Today one can easily find videos on youtube ranging from basic how-to videos to all the way explaining Quantum Physics. 
If you have only seen videos on topics such as contouring tutorials or Fidget Spinner Tricks, I believe you are missing out a lot of action.

How to find what I want!

If you can thing of the right search key, then you can find any video on youtube. For such you might have to think of everything that you want to learn about.
For example if you want to learn how to animate objects, Search for Animation Tutorials part 1
that part 1 is to find videos which have many parts. Because if you have lots of videos on a certain topic from a single uploader, it means he has got in depth to explain concepts.

Youtube, The class of 21st century

But Why Youtube?

Many people have in the past few years changed their lives by learning new skills on youtube. Yes, Many people, the people who are watching such videos as well as the people who are uploading such content.
The reason many people choose youtube is because of it
1. Popularity,
2. User base, &
3. Ad revenue.
These three combined, gives a content creator satisfaction of working on what he loves.

In the end almost everyone will agree, learning is a two way process, where first you learn something and give it back to society in some form or other.

What next…

So now you know you can learn new skill on the internet for free, What next? Will you be employable in a decent company? Will you have the skill set equal to that of a person who went to university to learn same thing?

Not really, Chances are you are more likely to be capable hands on problems-solving-skill when compared to that of a university graduate. Why you ask? well simply because you have learned things directly to the point. You have mostly learned this new skill by making your portfolio while working on projects for class.

If you feel like you are a bit shy of knowledge as compared to that of a university graduate, you can anytime attend Bootcamps to improve you skills.

Who is it for?

Not by any mean, i am saying that attending university is waste. NO.
University is very much Important in developing a person to a certain professional level that a persons cannot achieve without attending.

This option of learning new skill through youtube free content is suitable for person who don not have time to attend college or university. This could be because they have decided to change lanes after college/university or one of numerous other reasons.